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Remember When?

Is this a TEXAS SIZED ICICLE?  Is it the Worlds largest Icicle?

Remember when winter was cold?
Remember when February, at least, brought a chill to the bone?
Remember when even we, in South Texas, saw icicles?

Fifty five [55] years ago this month, native son Paul Harborth took this picture he wanted to share with us.  He said; " I took the picture with my trusty little Ansco camera that I won selling Grit Newspaper subscriptions."  The TEXAS SIZED ICICLE grew on the water storage tank of the Geronimo Gin Co. in downtown Geronimo, and  young Paul was alert enough to capture it on film.  It must have been as big around as a car at the bottom.  Notice too that even by early afternoon, some snow or ice remains on the ground.  Many thanks to Paul Harborth for unselfishly sharing this for all to enjoy and "remember when".  We encourage everyone to email us Geronimo pictures so more can "remember when."

Worlds Largest Icicle
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